Resolution Services


Integrity is the cornerstone of the arbitration process and you can be comfortable when Resolution Consultants serves as an arbitrator or arbitrator panelist. With a strong reputation for professionalism and a commitment to a fair, impartial and confidential process we strive to provide the optimal arbitration environment to hear evidence and provide awards for arbitrated cases.


Whether its dealing with state Departments of Insurance, post-catastrophe court orders, wind pools or individual carriers, we are experienced in managing CAT claim mediations individually or in bulk. Our familiarity with the litigation process improves our capability of mediating cases to avoid continuing costly legal expenses.  Our goal as a Mediator is to facilitate a useful dialogue that will develop avenues of agreement that will be satisfactory to all parties.  The process is effective for all types of business disputes.


We’ve negotiated thousands of settlements since 1983 working with individuals, attorneys, adjusters, mediators, claim managers, municipalities, commercial businesses and service providers.

Being adept at identifying options that increase possible settlement alternatives allows us to provide a wider window of settlement opportunity in the negotiation process. Acting as a third party illuminates personalities and history that can create adversarial environments.



Claims appraisals

Years of experience in insurance claims management has provided unique insights into the claims appraisal process. Understanding both the construction perspective and the insurance side allows a neutral approach that provides fair and impartial outcomes.  Being approved by several national insurers, recommended by public engineering firms and certified as an Umpire by organizations like the WIND Insurance Network, using Resolution Consultants to handle your disputed claim gives you the confidence it will be resolved fairly and efficiently.