Resolution Consultants can also help you manage all your customer dispute issues. From complex litigation, disputed claim settlements and customer complaints to required agency regulatory programs, we can help you navigate resolution processes for your bulk cases. From 1 to 1000 cases, Resolution Consultants can provide the expertise you need to help manage, resolve and dispose of your disputed business issues. Let us help you plan for your disposition of disputed catastrophe claims before your next CAT event occurs. We can help you design a plan using alternative dispute resolution methods that will significantly reduce your litigated claims volumes and overall expenses while improving your organization’s customer service. 


Our systematic review of current conflict resolution processes in an organization can be useful in understanding possible areas for improvement with how both internal issues as well as customer disputes are being handled.  We work with teams to fully understand the source of the conflict and then develop workable systems to deal with the issues while finding solutions for the root issues.


As disputes within and outside the organization are ever increasing, it no longer is effective to deal with these issues on  a case-by-case basis which tends to lead to adversarial situations that can escalate into a costly solutions down the line.

An effective dispute resolution system offers constructive approaches to handling different type of conflicts. A fully implemented system can provide a comprehensive way to minimize organization conflict while resolving disputes when they arise.